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The Archive was created to collect and preserve the images, video, audio and documents of the public and private life of musical actor Ridge Bond — before, during and after his starring role as “Curly” in the Broadway Show, “Oklahoma!!”

This is an ongoing work as there are bins of pictures, newspaper clippings and magazine articles yet to scan, recordings yet to be restored, and memoraphilia yet to be photographed and cataloged. We are also discovering new materials from outside sources weekly.
The archive re-opens with an image album of “Oklahoma!” related galleries inclusing stars, casts, stages, theaters and locations, plus video and audio of “Surrey Withe Fringe On The Top” and “The Farmer And The Cowman Should Be Friends” from the 1954 TV series, “Omnibus”.
We hope you enjoy the site and find the collections useful, enjoyable and informative.

Geoff and Pam Bond

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